I watch over the weed

My name is Bill as well as I am a cannabis dispensary security guard.

Many people actually have never been to a dispensary before, as well as may picture it either as a typical head shop or a pharmacy.

Did you guess that most dispensaries have a full security team on staff? Even if there is just one guy at the door checking IDs, there are more out of sight, seeing you through the security system. This kind of work can be certainly lucrative, because there are more dispensaries opening around here every day as well as not enough trained personnel to guard them. Why do modern cannabis dispensaries need such intense security measures, you probably may be asking. This is because although multiple states have legal cannabis use these days, the federal government has not. On the federal level it is still illegal to sell personal use cannabis, which means dispensaries cannot process checks or take payment like credit/credit cards. Cannabis is a purely currency business, so over the course of a day a dispensary might take in 25 or 30 thousands dollars in currency. Over the course of a single weekend, a cannabis dispensary may end up with 75 thousand dollars in currency in the safe. This kind of currency makes cannabis dispensaries especially prime targets for robbery. The guards seeing the dispensary aren’t too concerned about thieves shoplifting cannabis, they are distraught about armed robbery. I personally work the graveyard shift, usually by myself, as well as I have a sidearm with myself and others as I watch the security monitors showing the outside of the cannabis dispensary. I have never fired a shot so far, even though I am always prepared to!

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