I should not have drank alcohol with marijuana

Classes started a few weeks ago and I have been working hard trying to make friends.

It’s not exactly easy to make friends in college unless you are really outgoing or good at sports.

I am neither of these things. Fortunately, my freshman roommate is a jock. The guy is super handsome and very charismatic. I swear he has more than one girlfriend, but he claims that Jackie is the only one. I know there are other girls calling him in the middle of the night, but I would never say anything about my bro. We instantly became friends when that guy found out that I had never used recreational marijuana. He wanted to be with me the first time I tried smoking pot. He made it a really big deal by having a party to celebrate my first taupe. That night is still kind of a blur. I started off smoking marijuana and I was having a great time. It felt great to be high and I felt like I was talking and being the life of the party. When someone offered me a beer, I should have said no. I should have stuck to smoking a marijuana joint, but I didn’t listen to my gut. Instead, I decided to mix marijuana with alcohol. That was a big problem for me. The results were overwhelmingly horrible. I ended up in the bathroom sitting on the floor with my head in the toilet. The rest of the night is hard to remember. I definitely won’t mix drugs and alcohol again.

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