I don’t celebrate without cannabis

Whenever it’s time for a weekend getaway to the nearest beach, I have a system to prepare for it. I try to make it out there once or twice every few weeks or so, although it’s getting harder these days with the global economy being in such a state. Since I go so often, I have streamlined our process, so I essentially always have everything I possibly need for the weekend! Once I’m at the beachside cabin alone I don’t want to go into the town for anything. I bring bottled water, plenty of food, a few bottles of wine, a carton of smokes, as well as as much cannabis as I can get our hands on. I also always make sure to have multiple lighters on hand, because what is a pocket full of cannabis with no way to light it? I don’t know exactly how you pack your cannabis before a long trip, even though I am certainly particular each time with our process. There are a lot of backwoods sites where the local cops like to heavily crack down on outsiders in possession of marijuana or other banned substances. I am always cautious to keep myself safe from these kinds of cops. You might just say “if you want to really be safe don’t bring any cannabis with you” as well as I would tell you that you’re crazy. What kind of holiday would it be totally separate from cannabis? What I do is seal our cannabis in a small glass container, as well as then bury that container in the middle of a can of coffee. I think that the best drug sniffers in the world couldn’t find cannabis in our luggage!



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