I didn't think I could handle the minor details

The two of us are particularly ignorant to technology.

The two of us have difficulty when we are just texting someone else information about our company.

The people I was with as well as myself don’t even know how to send a picture on our cell phone. I knew when we started a cannabis shop that the two of us would be unable to work on our own website. The two of us hired a kid and he slapped a web design page together in a couple of days. It wasn’t particularly great, but a year later the two of us had enough money to hire a web designer that was just for cannabis shops. The guy was incredibly good. He made the website look just how we wanted. The guy offered up online ordering as well as helped us to set up cannabis delivery and curbside pickup. The two of us wanted to offer online orders and the two of us had everything set up before the cannabis dispensary opened up. I could not make a website that would say anything close to that. It seemed to me that we needed to offer some extras. Everything was running and then the marketing manager got us listed on facebook, twitter, in addition to google. Our actual website is pretty with colors that are red, mint, and gray. Each one of the pictures of the Cannabis products are gorgeous with several pages of satisfactory information. The fully optimized website is managed by the professional and all of the businesses consult with this search engine optimization agency if they need help like we did.



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