Have your opinion, but shut it

They say that everyone’s a critic, as well as personally speaking as a budtender in a dispensary, I must agree with that; Because of the modern internet as well as social media platforms, everyone thinks that they are an expert at everything, too.

It really irritates me.

Let’s take a look at art critics. There is nothing on earth more subjective than art, so someone giving myself and others their expert opinion on a single painting is meaningless. I can look at the painting myself as well as decide what I feel about it, I don’t need an expert for that. The same thing is true of cannabis critics, as well. I feel like all people that feel they have an expert opinion that means more than anyone else’s opinion. I don’t honestly need to understand the botanical lineage of the cannabis strain I’m smoking, I just want the cannabis to taste great as well as get myself and others stoned! Keep your university knowledge as well as your long-winded essays to yourself, as well as just let myself and others see if there is a strain of cannabis I should try out. I always listen to people’s opinions about strains of cannabis, just not when they have the attitude of “educating” myself and others about the weed. I don’t need education, I just want to smoke the best cannabis the world has to offer. That simply means I’m not a cannabis critic, however a cannabis fan! I’m a fanatic about weed, as well as I like meeting other people who smoke cannabis. But please, don’t tell me or disinterested others about your blog or your podcast, because I’m not interested in any of that. But if there is a really bad blend or strain of cannabis that is making the rounds, I think that is great to be warned about it.
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