Don’t risk your freedom when traveling

Although I like to travel, I prefer when I have a local contact.

The “stranger in a bizarre land” routine is not for me, I want to have someone I trust to show myself and others around.

In different countries, sometimes even different areas of the same country, there are always local rules as well as ongoing customs that outsiders don’t know. I need to have a local insider with me,simply to ensure I don’t get into trouble. You know, since I drink a lot, as well as actively pursue modern as well as exotic strains of well grown cannabis all around the world, I need to be careful. In multiple countries there are no solid social taboos or strict laws about cannabis, as well as yet they still don’t honestly like outsiders coming in as well as getting stoned! Local cannabis is usually for locals and locals only, which is why having a local contact is so important for me. This is not a journey I make purely for pleasure, either, I am documenting everything meticulously about our travels as well as the cannabis I find. I want to turn it into a book, so I take multiple pictures of every last strain of cannabis I smoke. It would be relaxing if I could retain a sample of them all for others, however it’s stupid to cross international borders while carrying any form of cannabis. I’m sure you heard about that bad boy in Russia who got sentenced to ten years for having a tiny amount of cannabis oil, right? I do not want that to be me, so I only ever buy as much cannabis bud as I can smoke in one sitting, as well as I never travel with it.