Delivery times were 3 hours and the selection was sparse

It was late in the evening when my girlfriend and I decided to order recreational marijuana supplies. It had been a very long day and night. We were moving from one apartment to another and things had not gone very well. Both of us were hungry and tired, but neither one of us could fall asleep. It was my idea to order from the recreational marijuana store. I found a place online that was open until 11:00. I ordered all of the cannabis items that looked interesting. I mostly got edibles, but I also added a few different flavors of pre rolls. My girlfriend and I had to meet the $100 threshold in order to qualify for delivery. We placed our order and received a text message from the store a few minutes later. We were instructed to contact the recreational marijuana store. I made the call and the budtender gave me some bad news. Delivery times were going to be 3 hours and the selection that the driver had in his vehicle was sparse. The guy didn’t have some of the items that we requested. The budtender asked me if I wanted to choose something different, but after I found out how long it was going to take for the delivery, I no longer thought it was a great idea to use the delivery service. But marijuana dispensary was only 7 miles away from my apartment and I could go to the store and back in less than 30 minutes as long as traffic wasn’t backed up on the expressway.


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