Cacti and cannabis

My neighbor is a botanist, freshly retired from a 35 year long career in academia. Jesse is a wickedly sharp lady, who still loves growing plants and teaching people, but grew tired of the rat race of having a full-time job. Who can blame her? I will quit working as soon as possible, too! Now she spends most of her time in the yard, cultivating a garden and smoking tons of reefer. This was initially the basis for our friendship, because we were both smoking so much cannabis. The more time I spent with her, the more I came to like Jesse. She taught me a lot about botany, about cacti, and especially about cannabis. Jesse has been growing her own marijuana plants for decades. In fact, her teenage experiences with homegrown cannabis is what got her interested in studying botany. In other words, she owes her whole career to cannabis! She is equally fascinated with different kinds of cactus, and so her garden is nothing but cacti and cannabis plants. She grows them in a very methodical pattern, so that the cacti act as a barrier around the outside of the cannabis plants. This provides visual protection for the marijuana more than anything else, as it prevents looky-loos from peering over the fence and spotting her stash. Jesse is always very generous with her cannabis, and loves to get my honest opinion on her newest strains. With all her spare time in retirement, Jesse has been writing a book about her experiences with growing cannabis, and I can’t wait to read it.
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