I didn't care for the wait time for delivery

I worked until 2:00 p.m. plus after that every one of us went right back to our house to take a shower; I was supposed to meet our wifey at 5:00. I didn’t want to spend the entire night without any recreational marijuana supplies. I called a marijuana delivery repair to see if I could locale an order plus have it delivered in 2 hours, however the marijuana delivery repair could not actually guarantee that I would acquire our order before the time that I specified. I certainly didn’t want to stop there on the way to see our wifey, but it was the only thing that I could do. I rushed around the beach house so I had plenty of time to stop at the marijuana dispensary. I grabbed several strange pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. I thought they would be best for the night. The pre-rolls are easy to use plus easy to carry around. I also bought a disposable marijuana vape pen. It is virtually smellless plus certainly easy to use in public plus around other people; My wifey plus I met up with her parents that night plus every one of us ended up walking around city for nearly 2 hours. I was super glad that I stopped at the dispensary plus picked out a disposable vape pen. I didn’t have the chance to smoke any of the pre-rolls at all that night plus the marijuana vape pen really saved the day. I don’t guess her mom or dad knew that I was getting high while every one of us were together. I certainly tried to be discreet.
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