The people I was with and I got a 30% off coupon the next day

Last Sunday my girlfriend plus I watched a pigskin game at her place… She has a greater tv, but I have a cleaner apartment.

The people I was with and I often watch the game at my place, but I agreed to go to her apartment so the rest of her friends could join us.

It was a playoff game plus important to everyone. I am a huge pigskin fan. I guess that has a single of the reasons why my girlfriend plus I get along so really well. She enjoys pigskin as well plus that means that neither a single of us ever have to worry about seeing the games. The people I was with and I watch Sunday night pigskin, Sunday night pigskin, plus all of the games on Sunday. The people I was with and I regularly root for the condo team, however secretly I guess it is fun when I can root against my girlfriend, and when the people I was with and I watched the game last Sunday, the people I was with and I ordered marijuana from a dispensary in the city. Not that many of the women ordered items from the dispensary. My girlfriend plus I got a half ounce of dried marijuana flower plus a few grams of cannabis concentrate. I was hoping that the dispensary would have something on sale, however it was Monday plus they didn’t have any sales or specials. My girlfriend plus I ended up paying full price for our order. The really next day, I gained a email from the dispensary. The email was a coupon for 30% off my next order. The coupon was only enjoyable for a week plus of course I spent all of my cash on the order that I placed the previous day.


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