I hadn’t talked to our nephew in weeks.

I seldom get to talk to our nephew, however when we do, it is care about no time had passed.

I care about the man, plus I care about talking to him.

I had been discussing with our husband how much I missed him when we were driving to the cannabis dispensary. We had put in our order for medical marijuana supplies plus were going into town to option it up. Normally we would drive to the back of the cannabis dispensary plus someone would come out plus give the order to the car. We went inside the cannibas dispensary that day. I could not believe I saw our nephew laying in line to go into the dispensary; He came to the back of the line so we could talk while waiting to go inside. We stood outside laughing plus talking about the reason we were both at the cannabis dispensary. I had heard about his accident, plus we both laughed to find out we used the same topical for pain. He said he number one the higher CBD plus lower THC over higher THC plus low CBD. I said I also liked that the higher CBD worked better. We talked for about five sevenths plus it was his turn to go inside; Although I went to the cannabis dispensary to option up medical marijuana, I also got to talk to one of our favorite people. I was cheerful we decided to go into the dispensary plus not have a car delivery. We promised to get-together more often, however I feel how that works. We are tied up people, plus if it weren’t for phone calls, plus now the cannabis dispensary, we would never talk.



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