CBD allows myself and others to use cannabis at work without getting intoxicated

My anxiety levels on an hour by hour basis are not great.

In school I was able to manage while going to classes plus reading because I would sequester myself in our room when I was frustrated, but I don’t have that privilege any longer now that I have to work to support myself plus spend money our own bills.

I originally thought that our ability to cope with anxiety would improve as I got older, but the opposite happened because the number of stressors simply increased. Now I have to worry about our work deadlines plus all of the bills that need to be paid with the money I make from our job. If I don’t get our work done, I jeopardize losing control of every other aspect of our entire life. It’s daunting when I think about it plus remind myself about everything hanging in balance plus how simple it would be for our life to descend into utter chaos over a single wrong move. With all of this constant anxiety, I wasn’t sure how I could improve our plight. I am feeling busy out at work but I can’t consume traditional cannabis or I’ll be too high to function respectfully. That’s why I started using CBD products while I was in the day as I get the medical benefits I’m looking for without the intoxication that comes with high THC products. I’m thankful for the CBD products that I found through an internet forum dedicated to hemp plus CBD. The anxiety relief is unbelievably calming when I need it the most.

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