The delivery service brought everything the next day

I didn’t get lake beach house from work until it was already unquestionably late on Sunday.

I have some laundry to do so I had clothes for the next day.

I started a load of laundry before I sat down to relax. When I finally sat down, I realized that I did not have as much recreational marijuana as I thought. I was nearly out of supply. I entirely had enough for the evening, however the next day was going to be unquestionably grim if I did not get more recreational marijuana. There were a couple of dispensaries still open and I contacted one that had a really wonderful special. For $99, I could choose 7 items off the value menu. Items on the value menu included gummy edibles, concentrate, fourths of marijuana, and half ounces of marijuana shake. The products on the value menu were impressive. I saved about $50 using the special deal. I ended up getting a full ounce of marijuana shake And 5 G of concentrate. I arenad my order online and then a budtender from the store gave myself and others a call to confirm. They were all out of OG Kush marijuana, so I had to go with Legend OG instead. I didn’t mind the swap, because they are both wonderful Indica strains. That guy gave myself and others the total for my order and then he asked what time I wanted my delivery that next day. When I told the guy that I wanted the order delivered that evening, he informed myself and others that they were already done with delivery for that evening. The best he could do was first thing the next day and he even gave to have the items delivered to work instead of lake beach house


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