I looked for some evening time edibles for my mom

I looked all over neighborhood hoping to find some sort of evening time edible for my mom.

My mom is not a man that respectfully uses recreational marijuana products, however lately the pain in his back and knees has been unbearable.

She does not want to take anything for pain other than Tylenol, aleve, or ibuprofen. There is a lot of addiction in our family, so I understand why my mom does not want to travel down that path. I recommended medical marijuana a long time ago, however it took some time for my mom to finally get to a point where he wanted to try Medical marijuana. All of us started off with a unquestionably low dose edible. I really wanted to find evening time edibles that were identifiably for sleep. Unfortunately, most of the evening time edibles contained melatonin or cbn. My mom does not love either one of these products and that made our choices limited, but luckily, I found a brand of medical marijuana edibles that have 10 mg of THC and they are made from strain particular indica plants. I first purchased the grape flavored indica gummies made from the strain OG kush. My mom really liked the grape flavor and the evening time edibles seemed to help his get more sleep, and continues to dose with the edible cannabis product. So far he has tried the great, peach, and watermelon varieties of the medical marijuana brand that works best. She really loves the grape flavor the best, so I buy those whenever we see them on sale at the cannabis shop.

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