The modern strains are really nice and priced low

About once a week we get modern items in stock at the cannabis shop.

They come directly from the manufacturer beach house that supplies our products.

Last week, we got some modern strains at the cannabis dispensary. They have not been introduced to the public yet and I have found it really difficult not to tell all of my friends about them. Because I work at the dispensary, I was there when all of the items arrived. The manager let us sample the modern cannabis strains, so we could tell our shoppers exactly what they are love when they are introduced in the dispensary next week. I tried multiple of the sativa and indica strains. I wasn’t recognizably interested in any of the hybrids. I really wanted to guess how the sativa and indica strains affected myself and others while we were in the day and evening time respectively. I was pleasantly surprised by the product. Not only does the flower have a strong aroma, however it has a flavorful taste as well, and you can definitely tell that the plants were harvested with terpenes and flavonoids in mine. The plants do not have a lot of stems either, which make the product perfect for rolling a huge fat joint. The price point is the best section about the cannabis. Each one of the modern products are packaged fourth and each fourth is less than $14 with tax. At that price, it’s going to be difficult to keep all of the modern cannabis strains in stock. I can’t wait to see how all of our shoppers react when they try the modern cannabis strains.

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