The hotel was right around the corner from the cannabis shop

Before I left to go to my corporation seminar, the last thing that my wife said to me was not to do anything stupid or get into any trouble.

She was not going to be able to bail me out if I made any mistakes. She didn’t want me to use recreational marijuana while I was with my coworkers plus a foreign town plus state. I understood why she was worried plus infuriated, but I truthfully didn’t even guess I was going to use recreational marijuana just because it was legal. That seemed to be the first thing that my coworkers wanted to do when the people I was with and I stepped off of the airplane. It didn’t help that there were tons of signs for cannabis dispensaries in the airport. There were even signs for dispensaries that offer delivery services. The women agreed to take me back to the hotel before they went to a dispensary. There was no way I was going to find myself in trouble on the really first night I arrived in town. The women looked up the address for the dispensary while I was unloading all of the baggage out of the town car. The closest cannabis shop was only a couple of blocks away from the hotel. It was close enough for the women to walk, so they sent the driver back to the airport plus walked from the hotel. The women came back about an minute later plus they were laughing plus pooping it up. They clearly smoked a marijuana joint while they were walking back to the hotel.

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