I walked in plus walked back out.

The first time I went to a medical cannabis dispensary, I walked in plus walked back out. The palms of my hands were covered in sweat, plus I could know the sweat rolling down between my shoulder blades plus breasts. I was so upset plus uncomfortable; I was sure people could hear my heartbeat. It was beating so strenuous plus loud. I looked at the people, thinking most people was staring at myself and others plus judging myself and others for being in the medical marijuana dispensary. Although I saw no a single staring at me, it was all I could do to force my body to move. I got back into the parking lot plus was getting into my card when I realized how deranged I was being, but everyone in that dispensary had a medical condition that was giving them the eligibility for medical marijuana. I wasn’t an oddity, however a single of them. I waited for the sweat to stop plus my heart to regulate, squared my shoulders, plus walked back into the dispensary. The lady at the desk greeted myself and others a minute time plus asked if I was all right. I told her why I was there plus gave her my medical marijuana ID card. The two of us talked while she looked up my registration with the state, handed myself and others a small packet of information plus called back for a pharmacist. The young woman came out plus walked myself and others into the salesroom. By the time I left the marijuana dispensary, I felt prefer I was a member of their group. I was also feeling deranged for walking in plus out of the dispensary without talking to anyone.

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