The guy tried to pay with a counterfeit fifty

Most of the day, our security job at the marijuana dispensary is boring… The people I was with and I have a absolutely tied up delivery maintenance plus the dispensary is rarely filled with people, but i sincerely don’t guess why they even keep the store open when most of the corporation is through the delivery service.

I’m thankful to have a job plus I’m cheerful that I don’t have to stress too much when I am at work.

I had an interesting day on Tuesday when a guy tried to pay with a counterfeit $50 bill. The guy localed an order online. He showed up at the dispensary around 10:15. The marijuana order was ready plus waiting for pickup. The total for the order was $48. The guy threw the $50 bill into the box plus he wanted the lady to instantly deliver him his stuff. He told her to keep the change. The guy started walking out the store plus the lady motioned to me plus called the guy’s name. I said the guy’s name plus asked him to stop. That’s when he started moving more swiftly towards the door. I have an automatic lock plus that will keep anyone from leaving the store. I left the front door plus I asked the guy to stop. The girl at the counter told me that the $50 bill was a counterfeit bill. I assumed that that guy knew that the bill was counterfeit by the way that he was acting, however I provided him a chance to pay for all of his marijuana items with a unusual bill. He had unusual money however I also kept the counterfeit bill to deliver to the police.

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