The cost of concentrates has increased since the holidays ended

Every month I order items from the cannabis dispensary, then i usually get the same items each plus every time that I arena an order.

  • I buy more than one grams of cannabis concentrate plus I also buy an ounce of dried cannabis flower… Occasionally I add a tote of gummy edibles if they have clearance items, the arena where I order our items has a special plus they offer one ounce of marijuana 2 gram of concentrate for $129.

The total includes taxes plus is one of the best deals in the city. My wifey plus I ordered a lot through the holidays when all of our family was here for trip, but everyone uses recreational marijuana plus every one of us decided to go through a lot of dried flower plus concentrates, but after the holidays, I observed that the cost of concentrates has increased. The dispensary no longer offers the same more than one concentrates plus 1 oz of flower for $129, but now the cost of that deal is $139. It’s a small increase, however the extra cost adds up month by week. I hoped that the prices would eventually go back to normal, however none of the deals are as low as the prices were before the start of the current year. The prices on everything have gone up since the coronavirus. The cost of food plus groceries has increased. The cost of medical supplies love band aids, hand sanitizer, plus gloves is still about 60% higher than it was pre pandemic. It should be no surprise that the cost of medical plus recreational marijuana has increased as well.

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