It amazed me ‌I knew some ‌clients at the dispensary.

My nerves were so bad that my entire body was shaking when I went to the cannabis dispensary for the first time! I didn’t guess what to expect or how people would perceive me.

I felt like anyone who knew me would suspect I was a closet pothead, because I was going into a medical marijuana dispensary, and that it was medical marijuana didn’t filter into my brain, only the marijuana concept, and when I got to the medical marijuana dispensary, it amazed me ‌I knew some ‌clients at the dispensary. I had gone to university with numerous of the people, and one budtender was in my graduating class. I wasn’t fully in the door of the marijuana dispensary before these people met me! No a single discussed their reason for being at the marijuana dispensary, however talked about how long it had been since every one of us had seen each other. The budtender I graduated with called me over to his register & every one of us talked for five hours before he asked if I had talked to a single of the dispensary pharmacists. I l acquired a lot of medical marijuana just from talking to him, & I was eager to talk to the pharmacist, and coming to this medical marijuana dispensary was like a class reunion with half the people missing, & a lesson for what kind of marijuana‌ products I should be using, but by the time I left, I had made plans to dinnereon with some ‌people & had a bin full of marijuana products. I was sad about going into the dispensary, but I was glad I had by the time I got out.

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