The government has up to 90 days to make me wait for a response

The government has 90 days to approve or deny all applications for medical marijuana business licenses.

The same rule applies for recreational marijuana licenses too.

The government seems to drag their feet with this process. I think they are hoping that some people will lose interest in making money, but that is absolutely crazy to think. I decided to put up half of the money so my best friend could follow his dream of opening a marijuana shop. I knew that guy was going to need a lawyer. I offered to pay for the lawyer, but he was certain that he could fill out all of the paperwork on his own and without help that might cost us money. I honestly didn’t think it was a very good idea to fill out the paperwork on our own, but I wasn’t going to argue with my new business partner. He was adamant that we do things that way and I didn’t really care one way or the other. After 2 weeks, the guy started to get impatient and I told him that the government has 90 days to make their decision. Sometimes they take all of the 90 days and sometimes they make a decision earlier. It honestly helps to catch the government agent in the right form of mine and on a good day. The whole process could be sped up and go a lot quicker if there were more people reporting the results and application reviews. It doesn’t take 90 days for any other branch to answer business and personal requests.

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