I think some candy companies that are jumping on the CBD craze

I don’t honestly blame companies for trying to take luck of fads and new crazes, especially when it comes to something as popular as CBD.

My Grandparents were once adamantly against marijuana and everything related to its use.

However, they are both sizable advocates of CBD and hemp products, often convincing their friends who still have misconceptions about the plant. They confess that their previous stance was wrong and they’re excited to join the world of excited cannabis users. I saw them having a friendly debate with some of their friends from the local Moose Lodge on a Facebook thread the other day and it was about CBD and whether or not it’s safe for use. I’m proud that our Grandparents stood their ground and gave that acquaintance with several sources to debunk their claims. In the end they convinced that lady to try their CBD lotion and now that lady is a CBD believer. It’s amazing how you can convince people just by letting them sample the product. It’s that self-explanatory if you want them to change their minds on disliking the cannabinoid and not believing the claims about its medicinal value. However, I can understand why some would have trepidation when they see candy companies jumping on the craze and selling CBD candies and gummies on the side using unusual brand names. They’re jumping on the craze like all of the other companies who are already making a killing selling CBD candies and gummies in a variety of unusual locales. There is an obscene amount of cash to be made in the CBD and hemp industry alone, not to mention the greater cannabis industry at large.



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