The cannabis flower product was full of seeds

Some cannabis users might be very happy to find seeds in their product.

They can be planted and possibly turned into future flowers.

It’s quite a process and it’s not very easy to grow marijuana. That is one of the reasons why it is so expensive at the dispensary. I purchased several items from the dispensary on Monday when I was downtown at the state capitol. There are only a couple of marijuana dispensaries in the entire state, because medical marijuana has not been legal for too long. I only travel to that area when I have meetings with clients. I stock up on supplies when I am there. I bought a whole ounce of cannabis flower from the medical marijuana dispensary. I purchased a sativa flower called blue dream. Blue dream is a nice sativa that alleviates pain without making me feel tired or drowsy. When I am at work and I need to medicate, I can’t be sleepy. The Blue Dream flower was on sale at the dispensary. I bought a whole ounce for $199. It was a super great deal until I found all of the seeds inside of the flower. I wasn’t very happy to find more than three grams of seeds in the medical marijuana product. I showed the budtender at the dispensary pictures of the seeds and they credited my account but it was still a pain in the butt to pick out all of the seeds every time I wanted to smoke a bowl. They should be much more careful when growing the plants for medical use.


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