I tried to get her telephone number twice

No way single likes to assume used, especially if it is a person that you seem to be attracted to.

I gained a hard lesson about my life recently but it seemed to be long overdue.

This was one of the first times I can remember having my heart broken. It would happen to everyone eventually correct the woman’s name is May plus she was shopping frequently at the Cannabis shop. I worked at the cannabis shop full-time. More than four monies every month, I have the cash register plus help patients check out at the end of their shopping excursion. I had both of my eyes on me for many weeks and knew that she was definitely a bit out of my league. Eventually she came to the dispensary so frequently that we started to talk plus then I decided to ask her out for a dinner. She agreed to hang out with me at some time but insisted this would not be considered a date. This should have easily been a green flag but I chose to ignore it. When both of us Hung out, She wanted to smoke a bunch of cannabis. I have lots of cannabis jars in the kitchen plus she wanted to sample everything. It was fun to hang out for a while but I started to feel like she was only coming over to my house to smoke the weed that I had. When I said something to her, she left and broke up with me. What a mess we made together.

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