I stumbled into a remote area of the park

When I was 16, I was forced to move across the country and leave all of my friends behind.

  • It seemed assumed care of the very worst time of my whole life.

I was easily depressed for 6 months after moving. I had to leave everyone behind plus many of the friends that I had known since we were little. The new place was nice plus very well secluded in an old patch of the forest. To cheer myself directly up, I took some pretty nice long walks into the woods. This is a place where I found an old season shreveport. It was easily 15 ft or more off the ground. This is also where I found a wild patch of Cannabis sativa plants. They were growing unattended for multiple years. The best that I could think about was that some kids were using the tree apartment as a place to smoke and do drugs. When they rolled a joint the option to get rid of stems and steeds went out the window. The tenacity of the cannabis plant and abundance of rain plus Sun meant that more than a couple of those seeds quickly sprouted. Marijuana is called a weed but it is really not capable of growth like that. All of the cannabis plants cheered myself plus others up plus soon helped everyone of us become wildly and generally popular within our high school class. We were the only people that had access to cannabis and that was awesome for every one of us.

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