I don't want to work with the guy

I disappeared into the back of the room

When everyone of us learned architecture, every one of us were in class with a sweet and handsome guy whose name was Max. Max was a very tall and rugged looking handsome guy. Max and I dated for multiple months and things were totally crazy. After 3 months, the two of us ended up breaking up. It was difficult for me and I was afraid that I would simply not be able to go on. When the guy dumped me, he began to date my roommate out of the arms. The next multiple months were nothing but heartache. I had to go to a different college and I did not hear anything from the guy in multiple years. Then a couple of months ago I was at my task and I actually talked to the guy because he gave me a call. The guy did not know that I was working at a cannabis dispensary and it was an accident that he came inside and I saw him. The memories flooded back to me and I did not want to wait on that guy at all. I found one of the other budtenders and told them to deal with the person. I disappeared into the back of the room. A couple of minutes later, someone found me and told me that a customer was asking for me by name. I walked out into the lobby and sure enough it was that guy. Apparently he had been stalking me on Facebook for a while and actually came to the dispensary just to talk to me.
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