Edibles come in lots of different shapes and flavors

The doctor suggested a low dose medical marijuana product for my anxiety and general depression. I went to a dispensary after the doctor made the recommendation. I really didn’t know what to purchase, so I discussed my options with a budtender inside of the store. The budtender suggested trying edibles since it was my first time ever using marijuana products. The budtender told me about a low dose edible with 100 total milligrams of thc. The package of candy was broken down into 5 mg pieces of candy and the flavors available were cherry, strawberry, green apple, and pineapple. A low-dose edible sounded like a pretty good idea to me, because I honestly couldn’t picture myself smoking a marijuana cigarette or a bowl. The edible marijuana treats sounded perfect. It would be discreet and easy-to-use. Because I was a first-time patient that day, I received 50% off of my entire order. I definitely stocked up on a few different types of edibles. I bought a 10 pack of gummies that were flavored like apples and I bought a 10 pack of gummies that work flavored like pears. I also purchased cookies, brownies, and a bag of peanut butter cups. All of the items that I purchased from the marijuana dispensary had great flavor and I wasn’t disappointed by any of the suggestions from the budtender. The next time I went back to the dispensary, I decided to try a few of the different edibles. I also got the same green apple gummies. They were my favorite of the products that the budtender suggested the first time I was there.

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