Rehabbing with help from the cannabis dispensary

It’s so nice to know that I can actually use cannabis products to help me with recovery from my bike accident. I really didn’t want to use all the meds that were suggested. And I definitely wanted no part of the opioids either. I wasn’t really looking to add an addiction to the healing process. I got just mashed in a bike accident nearly 5 months ago. And I’m still very much in the process of healing up from the surgeries and the trauma. But thankfully, I listened to a good friend and got to the cannabis dispensary. It took some effort to have my buddy wheel me in there but the benefits have been tremendous. I’m using some indica strains along with a hybrid strain for more of the physical stuff. The indica is great with range of motion and being able to stretch my muscles without spasm. So much of my body has been basically dormant for such a long time that the indica really has made a difference. The hybrid strains are really great for the pain management as well. But I’m needing far less of that thank goodness. Still, the sativa products continue to help me maintain a solid basis and perspective. Things are going to be different enough going forward that there will inevitably be a new normal out there. The sativa keeps me positive and grateful to just have survived something that could have easily gone the other way. And the folks at the local cannabis spot have put some kindness behind the support and care they show me. They’ve been great cheerleaders and even gave me a shout when I walked in on my own for the first time since the accident.


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