My wifey wanted to visit the weed dispensary

As soon as the two of us arrived in the city, my wifey Jo started looking through all of the odd dispensary possibilities that were available to us.

Jo prefers to check out the dispensaries when the two of us go to New locations.

Jo found a dispensary with a 1st-time patient special that was 30% off. As soon as she saw the sale prices, Jo instantly started an order. I was in the hotel bathroom at the time. Jo yelled to me asking for my debit card number. Thank goodness I had my wallet in my pants. Otherwise, Jo would have ordered and not even told me until after the delivery driver was already on the way. It’s not as if I had a problem with Jo making an order, however I would have liked to look at the menu to order something for myself. Jo told me not to worry, because she had my best interest at heart. Jo promised there was something in the dispensary cart that was just for me. I gave Jo the card and she entered all of the information online. A delivery woman showed up with our items about an hour later. It was a lot quicker than I expected. I gave the driver a $10 tip and the charge on my card was close to $300. I did not suppose what Jo ordered, however I hoped it was going to be something good. When she started taking all of the items out of the bag, I was genuinely surprised by all the stuff that the two of us got for that 3 hundred dollars.


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