I saved over 20% off the entire weed order

As soon as my wifey Jo and I got to the city, I started looking at the price of weed.

I always prefered to browse the selection of marijuana when I visit a new city.

They might have some pretty unbelievable sales that could allow me to save a couple of bucks on our recreational marijuana purchases. I looked at a few marijuana dispensaries and then found a sale on concentrates that caught my eye. The marijuana dispensary was having a sale on all of their oils and concentrates. They were all 20% off and new patients like me received 30% off their order. When I realized that was going to be a 50% savings, I was honestly stoked and filled up my order with lots of items. I waited for the tender to call me with my total. I was surprised by the number that she quoted me. It seemed prefer a lot more money than I thought I was going to pay for the items. I asked her if I received the discount for the marijuana concentrates special and the first time patient special. That’s when I learned that you cannot combine both of the specials to gain 50% off. I was so bummed out and decided not to order most of the items in the cart. I was no longer going to save as much money that I thought and that made me less happy about all of the marijuana purchases that I had selected. Instead of maxing myself out for the day, I bought 2 grams of cannabis concentrate and a fifth of flower.


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