Everyone got high on the night before my wedding

When my wife and I decided to elope for our wedding, we invited a couple of friends to go to Vegas with us.

We piled into the car and drove 3 hours to the city.

My friends and I stayed up all night gambling at the tables. We played craps and poker and we won big on roulette. Sometime during the middle of the evening, my friend Jack decided to walk down the street to a marijuana dispensary. He purchased a couple of marijuana joints from a dispensary. He came back to the casino and told everyone to go upstairs with him to the room. Then we all smoked a marijuana joint on the patio of our room. The marijuana joint was smooth and flavorful. It tasted like grapes and it burned very evenly. I didn’t cough at all while I smoked the marijuana joint and I rarely ever smoke with my friends. This time was different since I was getting married. My friends and I stayed up all night long. I don’t know if it was the marijuana joint or the excitement of getting married, but I was unable to rest even when I laid down and tried to close my eyes. It was a lot more fun to sit in the casino with a bunch of anxiety than to sit in my hotel room feeling exactly the same. When my wife and I got married the next day, I suddenly didn’t feel the same nerves that I had the previous day. I was ready for the two of us to start our life together.