A woman at the bar kept trying to get us to go outside with her

My friend Max and I went to the tavern after work.

It has been a honestly long day and the Max and I were hoping to relax and drink wine for a little bit of time. Both of us were in long meetings all day long, and my feet were so exhausted. There were lots of boys in the bar when the two of us arrived. Some of the boys looked to be executives that the two of us might see every day at work. Some of the boys tried to hit on us, however Max and I turned them down. My friend and I were not looking to choice up any guys. Max and I were simply there to relax and drink a couple of beers. There was a genuinely cute chick at the end of the bar and she kept trying to get us to go outside with him. I thought about it once or twice, however the bartender was looking at me as if it was a poor idea. This woman said she had marijuana and she was going to share if I came outside with her. I do not smoke marijuana at all, so that was a simple no for me. Max did not want to smoke marijuana either. The woman at the end of the bar kept trying to get us to go outside with her. It was start to get odd and creepy. Both of us had to say no 3 odd times before the woman took the hint that the two of us were not interested in smoking weed with him in the parking lot. Shortly after Max and I made our answer clear, the woman moved to a table and started talking to somebody else.

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