A dear friend deserves a cannabis cafe day

I don’t know about you but I just couldn’t get by without my close friends.

  • In some cases, these people are closer to me than my own, blood family.

So I guess as a result of that, I sort of stay tuned into these folks. Sometimes I get a signal or many that I need to take a friend for a cannabis cafe day. And that’s what I got from a great friend of mine who’s going through it. The pandemic just upended her life and she’s trying so hard to figure out what the new normal is going to look like. I mean her husband lost his job during the pandemic and is still looking while doing some independent consulting. She’s had to pick up more hours at her job and she lost her mom to Covid. I mean dang, that girl needed a long, long morning at the cannabis cafe. The local cannabis spot expanded their marijuana business to include a cannabis cafe just around the corner from the cannabis dispensary. It’s the perfect place to take a dear friend who needs some smiles, good vibes and the time to just talk. That’s exactly what us to soul sisters did for nearly four hours a Saturday ago. We shared one of the best cannabis edibles I’ve ever experienced and maybe a cup too many of yummy latte. But there were smiles and hope bubbled up that morning so that has to be a good thing. I know that the fun and release were a bit temporary for her that day. Yet, that hopefulness, that keen awareness of possibility was there and that can only grow.

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