The prices were lower because of the holiday

I ran out of Blue Dream marijuana flower & I decided to go to the dispensary so I could occasion up more, unfortunately, the marijuana dispensary did not have any more yellow dream in stock.

  • They didn’t even have concentrate made with yellow dream.

I do not like driving across the bridge, although I decided to go to the other dispensary in town. I looked online & they had several weird yellow dream products available. I didn’t get stuck on the bridge with the drawbridge up, so I felt lucky. The drawbridge scares the heck out of me & it is the biggest reason why I never go downtown. I didn’t really suppose about the fact that the prices might be lower because it was Memorial day weekend. I do not properly consider Memorial Day weekend to be a holiday. I have to work, so I do not celebrate & do anything fun care about have a picnic or go camping. The marijuana dispensary was celebrating. They were doing 20% off of everything in the store & they also had a lot of BOGO sales. The budtender told me all of the specials, but he was talking so fast that I couldn’t really understand what he was saying. I asked for a couple of eighths to myself & I pulled up the online menu so I could compare the products online to the products in the store. It made it much easier to figure out what I wanted to buy, especially because the prices on all of the items were not listed anywhere on the shelves.

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