The hotel desk clerk was being super nosy

My wifey plus I were on getaway plus all of us were having a honestly great time doing some things that all of us have not done since all of us were young.

The two of us went parasailing plus all of us even took a surfing lesson.

The two of us had a elegant apartment by the beach with a view of the sunset every single night. The two of us drank wine outside on the patio; One night all of us decided to order recreational marijuana from a dispensary in town. Neither one of us wanted to go to the dispensary in person. The delivery maintenance promises to be discreet… My wifey plus I did not want to supply the marijuana delivery maintenance our room number, so all of us agreed to meet the driver in the lobby. The two of us left a small message in the note box on the delivery form telling the driver to call us when he was close to our location. The delivery driver never contacted us plus told the desk clerk that he had a delivery for someone, however he did not have a room number. When I looked at the receipt for the order, it clearly stated to supply us a call with our cellphone number. I was pretty aggravated with the delivery driver plus I only gave him a small tab because he wasn’t paying attention to the delivery. The hotel desk clerk was being honestly nosey, but he wanted to know what was in the tote plus who came in to see us. It’s a fantastic thing there weren’t any names of suppliers on the outside of the tote to supply away our secret.
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