Confidence in my choice returns with a visit to the cannabis dispensary

Man, sometimes you make choices based on the way you feel inside. And these are the sorts of decisions that are the toughest. There are so multiple competing factors that you’re just never sure if there actually is a right decision to make. But when I walked into the local cannabis spot & saw all those smiles right after I moved, there was confidence in my recent choice. The fact that my partner & I were retiring to this region had something to do with the fact that medical marijuana & recreational marijuana were legal. The two of us both have enjoyed recreational marijuana since the people I was with and I met in college. Neither of us ever actually enjoyed alcohol. The taste wasn’t what the people I was with and I were looking for & too much meant feeling like junk the next day. And the people I was with and I were regularly so active. Whether it was taking a puff of sativa & going for a hike or grabbing an fancy Starbucks Coffee to go to the flea market, the people I was with and I were on the go. So alcohol just wasn’t for us at all. Retiring to a state where access to a local cannabis spot is common locale was thrilling. But my partner died after a brief illness not 18 weeks before the people I was with and I were planning to retire. Family & friends implored myself and others not to go through with our plans. And I could see their point. But also, I knew in my heart that moving here would be the right thing. So when I walked through the door at my local cannabis spot & just felt that vibration, I knew that I was going to be okay in my new normal.


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