As an athlete, I rely on cannabis products

It’s regularly funny when I meet someone from my athletic activitying life inside the local cannabis spot.

It’s almost regularly the same reaction of wow, I didn’t think you smoked weed or the equivalent.

And each time, I just shake my head & smile. But I wouldn’t be able to compete at the levels I do without the support I get from the sativa products & the indica strains for sale. I make sure that this is expressed because it’s the truth. Cannabis products aren’t just to get all stoney & watch reruns all day. I mean, I’m not judging for sure. However, my relationship with marijuana is way more essential than merely getting stoned. I play tennis at a genuinely high level & have been able to make a nice living from it. The satellite professionals tours have been my bread & butter. I also have a day job as a pro. So there is a lot of tennis in my life. And my body actually benefits from the restorative & anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis products. Indica strains for sale at the local cannabis spot help tremendously with range of motion problems. I’m able to get such a enjoyable stretch & deep flexibility training from these indica strains. And that’s something I need at this age. I’m closing in on mid 30’s so I need all the help I can get. Yet, the sativa products also help myself and others just like the fact that I’m still playing tennis at a professional level. So yea, cannabis products are indeed quite essential to my way of life.

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