Calling out for a reset afternoon at the cannabis cafe

And then of course, there is the pot brownie

There are times when you just must press the reset button in life. Those are my treat yourself mornings. I don’t allow those however maybe once a quarter. However, when I’ve just had enough and I can suppose myself about to explode. It’s a cannabis cafe afternoon and I’m not going to work. I don’t adore to lie. It’s never been a strong suit and I just abhor lying anyway. But I usually just say I’ve got a cold or a heavy period. And dang, that’s all I should have to say anyway. Once I hang up the phone as I call off the night before, I exhale first. I mean, that’s just fantastic karma, right? You want to provide people at work time to figure things out. And from there, all I can think about is the cannabis cafe and the fact that this is where I’ll be for at least the first half of the afternoon. When I say treat myself, I mean it. This place is just the best place to hit the reset button. It’s just so full of goodness. I mean just the vibration in the parking lot is good. Once you’re inside, it’s just so inviting and appealing. I get my perfect cannabis cafe tea blend and then it’s on to the cannabis edibles. The menu is incredible and just about as great as you could possibly imagine. They can bake cannabis oil into just about anything. And then of course, there is the pot brownie. I hate to say it however that’s the way I go on most of these mornings. Let me assure you, this is the best way to start a treat yourself afternoon for sure.

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