The whole order was screwed up

A client contacted the marijuana dispensary after receiving an order via the delivery service! The client was honestly frustrated plus angry, then i tried to get the client to tell me why she was frustrated, despite the fact that she would only speak to the supervisor.

I grabbed the supervisor from the back office plus told her to answer the cellphone.

I listen to the call on the other line. I was honestly curious why the client would only speak with the supervisor. I heard the client tell the supervisor that the delivery order they acquired was messed up, however when the supervisor started asking questions, the guy told her that there were three items missing from the order plus 2 of the items were not the strains that the guy had recommended. The supervisor asked for the order number plus she looked up the order in our system, then she went through the order with the client item by item. The guy was missing 3 gram of concentrate plus he got 2 sativa bags of marijuana when he was supposed to get to indicas. I understood why the guy was so frustrated after I heard the telephone conversation. I would be pretty aggravated too if I ordered all of those items from the shop only to find out that the entire order was screwed up. I expect our order to be messed up every once in a while when I go to a restaurant, however I expect everything to be right when the delivery driver should be double plus triple checking our order before they leave the store.

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