Try to attract business to medical cannabis dispensary

If you are talking about SEO, the most substantial factor is savvy, but money helps, of course, and if you don’t have SEO savvy, you will need a ton of cash to make up for it, but the key to SEO is getting your name out there, and letting people know you exist.

The major franchises do well because they have national SEO campaigns, but we don’t have that.

To drum up more business for our medical cannabis dispensary, we needed to get creative as well as unleash some SEO savvy. I tried to leverage something that every member of the staff had, which is a deep know-how of medical cannabis and the products we carry. These budtenders are experts in their field, so I made them available online to answer questions from the public. Using text, messenger, Zoom, or Facetime, anyone online could contact us through the medical cannabis website to ask a question, any question, having to do with our cannabis store or with the products in general, as well as our budtenders will answer your query in real time. It won’t lead to instant sales, but it will start to spread the online footprint of our medical cannabis dispensary, and raise awareness of it. The more people know who we are and how smart we are about medical cannabis, the more our reputation will grow. Eventually this will translate into higher sales, especially if we can get the medical cannabis delivery service up and running like we intend, but we don’t have a lot of cash for SEO, but with our medical cannabis know-how hopefully we can succeed.



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