She likes wine, I like medical cannabis

My wife is a wine expert.

We have a wine cellar in the basement, with a few dozen bottles in it, and she loves to select certain kinds of wine to go with certain kinds of food.

Her taste is exquisite, and more often than not the wine she picks makes the food taste even better. There must be a science to it that eludes me, but she sure does serve some amazing wine. While my wife focuses on drinks, I prefer to focus on smoking. She has her wine cellar and I have my smokers lounge, where I keep my medical cannabis. My wife and I are very similar, you see, because she has wine for every occasion, and I have a different strain of medical cannabis for every occasion. There is a whole wide wonderful world of medical cannabis to be explored, so I never buy the same kind twice. Currently my supply features thirty one different kinds of medical cannabis, in many different forms. Usually I choose to smoke out, but since I like to mix it up and keep things fresh, I also keep a few kinds of vape carts on hand, as well as cannabis gummies, edibles, and drinks. Variety is the spice of life, and slowly but surely I am amassing a wide enough variety to start my own cannabis dispensary! The main difference I have found between wine and medical cannabis is that wine does not stink up the whole house, which is why I do all my smoking in the basement in my smokers lounge.



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