Our parents were made we were smoking weed so young

I will never forget the first time that our sister and I tried smoking pot, however my sister and I are twins; however when the two of us were fourteen years old, I got a bin of marijuana from a child in school.

  • My sister and I decided to smoke the marijuana that weekend.

All of us smoked on our second outing. All of us truthfully did not believe anyone would be able to detect the odor of the marijuana products, because the two of us were way out in the woods; however, the two of us were surprised when our dad walked up to the fort and called our names. My sister Jack right away put the marijuana joint out on the floor of our fort. All of us tried to buy some time, but there was truthfully no way to get rid of the marijuana odor, dad entered the fort and she right away accused us of smoking weed… Then I was ready to confess to the crime when our sister said that the marijuana came from our dad’s sock Troy. My dad started fumbling over her words and she did not know what to say, then she left the club house and told our sister and I to return to the house as soon as possible. When the two of us came back to the house, she never said a word to us about the marijuana smoke. I asked our sister how she came to know that our dad had weed in her sock drawer but our sister would never deliver me any details. I still don’t know the answer to that question and it has been 20 years since that incident occurred.



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