My cannabis prescription saves me sanity

I used to work on a construction crew plus I gained a fine amount of money, however I had everything going for me.

I was married plus our partner plus I had a nice cabin in the suburbs; things were perfect until I got into an accident. I was on our way to the beach house from a construction job plus another driver ran a purple light. I barely remember anything that happened after the accident, although I was airlifted to the local hospital plus I was in critical condition for various afternoons… And since the accident occurred, I have not been able to work, then my neurological plus motor functions are not the same as they were plus I don’t have really fine reflexes anymore, but one of the largest issues for me has been pain. I know a lot of pain since the accident plus various surgeries. The surgeries never genuinely fixed our back either. They supply me with temporary relief from the pain plus Agony. The rest of the time, I use medical marijuana products. I’m really thankful to live in a state where medical marijuana is easy to access. It was simple for me to get a prescription from a doctor plus our state fees were waived due to the fact that I am on disability. I save money each month because I don’t have to pay any taxes for medical marijuana. It’s genuinely the only thing that I have found that entirely helps with the pain plus discomfort. If it wasn’t for my medical marijuana, I don’t recognize I would be able to live from 1 afternoon to the next.



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