Movies and medical cannabis

Weed and movies just go together.

I have always loved movies, especially horror movies, for as long as I can remember.

When I was a teenager I discovered smoking weed, and that took my love of movies to a whole new level. Getting good and stoned, turning off all the lights, and getting completely absorbed in a scary movie was my comfort zone. Many people think that getting high makes you giggly and goofy, but for me medical cannabis helps me relax and forget my stresses. I enjoy movies more when I am stoned, because I am able to forget the rest of the world and focus 100% on the film. Sure I will watch movies without medical cannabis, but it’s always better when I’m stoned! This is why I don’t make it out to the theater that often, because it’s so much nicer to sit in my living room and smoke medical cannabis throughout the movie. Every time I go to the cannabis dispensary I try to talk to the manager about starting a movie night. The cannabis dispensary has a small smokers lounge next door, where customers can hang out and socialize. With a digital projector we could turn the wall of the cannabis dispensary into a movie screen, and show whatever movies we wanted for the customers! So far he is not sold on the idea, but I will keep pushing it because I feel it would be a great experience to smoke medical cannabis and enjoy the movie experience with others. What do you guys think of my idea?

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