Medical cannabis is saving my life one day at a time

When I was a baby, my mom dropped me on my head from 6 ft in the air.

I fell hard and the doctor told my parents that I had a concussion.

The doctor did not know if I would end up with any long-term effects. I started getting headaches around the time that I started school. The headaches were awful and nothing seemed to help. Loud noises and bright lights made me feel even worse. I had a headache one time when I was in first or second grade and the problem was so bad that the school nurse actually called an ambulance. She dialed 911, because she was afraid that I might have been experiencing a stroke. After that, my mom took me to a specialist to find out why I was experiencing such massive migraines at a young age. The doctor told my mom that this would likely always occur due to the fall. He told my mom to start me on a low dose medical marijuana product. The doctor felt that the low-dose medical marijuana product would help with the headaches and lessen the symptoms when I did have them. The first couple of times that I tried medical marijuana, I was really high and hyperactive. I know my mom and dad were nervous that I would develop some problems due to medical marijuana, but it has been a lifesaver. After I started using medical marijuana regularly, the amount of migraines I had each week was probably cut in half. I still use medical marijuana as an adult and it still helps to keep the migraines away. I still have a migraine headache every once in a while, but the symptoms aren’t as severe and medical marijuana helps that headache go away faster.


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