I’ve been using medical cannabis to help me with my symptoms of long COVID

Like anyone else, I tried as hard as I could to avoid catching COVID-19.

I knew countless people who went out of their way to catch it with the mistaken assumption that it would give them viral immunity. Unfortunately, the length of personal immunity to COVID not only varies for each genetic variant of the virus, but also between individual people. I have heard anecdotes about people catching the virus just weeks after their most recent negative test result. At times this doesn’t simply result in a return to normal like you see when an individual suffers from a head cold or bout of influenza. Some people actually seem like their health is getting increasingly worse with each case of COVID that they catch personally. I’m in that category of people who caught COVID once but are still having lingering symptoms months after the fact while testing negative for the virus to this day. Experts refer to this as “long COVID” and the number of those affected is growing every single day. At first it was thought that long COVID is rare, but that assumption is increasingly eroding all of the time. Thankfully the medical cannabis products I get from the local dispensary are helping me maintain my sanity through the nastiness of long COVID. I switched from inhalation products like flower buds and vaporizer cartridges to cannabis edibles like RSO. That way I can experience the relief from THC without having to inhale heated vapor or smoke, which usually puts me into a painful coughing fit. I think I would lose my mind from long COVID if it wasn’t for my amazing medical cannabis edibles.


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