I’m switching back to cannabis flower products to lower my THC tolerance

My cousin started drinking every other day, his tolerance for alcohol increased immediately.

Forget about being alcoholic and its effects on his social life—he was quickly reaching a point he couldn’t afford to maintain his drinking habit. Since he didn’t like beer, he was buying the cheapest grain alcohol from the local store that I could get his hands on. And the sheer volume of liquor going through his blood was making him sick on a daily basis. He reached a point where he had a perpetual ulcer and felt like acid was burning a hole in the side of his stomach. Naturally, increasing your tolerance to any substance is going to put you in a position where you need more of it to get the same sort of effects as usual. That’s why my cousin was stuck buying the cheapest hard liquor he could get his hands on. While developing a weed tolerance was going to threaten my physical health in the same way my cousin’s drinking did for him, I still couldn’t believe how much money I was spending every month of marijuana knowing that my rosin was quickly becoming an expensive habit and was giving me an expensive tolerance in the process. I recently switched back to cannabis flower products just to get my marijuana tolerance back down again, and it actually worked. I noticed that I could get medicated by a small amount of cannabis flower buds by comparison to the concentrates, so it was a nice change and transition back into having more medicinal effects from my weed products.



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