I’d rather spend twice as much money for solventless cannabis concentrates nowadays

I remember the days before medical marijuana legalization in my state.

I had different friends at the time with different black market cannabis connections. Most of the weed sold and smoked in our county was grown within a 50 mile radius, and some of it was up there with the best cannabis I’ve ever had the privilege of smoking. Other cannabis connections were from states out west like California or Colorado. Nowadays you’ll see a black market flux with both legal and illegal cannabis products, sometimes with the batches that cannabis producers are forced to withhold if they fail the lab testing that is required of all medical cannabis in this state and many others. Before we had legal medical marijuana here, I typically only had access to marijuana flower products. If I wanted some kind of cannabis concentrate or extract, I had to buy old school hashish. Back then it came in three different qualities or varieties—dark green or black hash, blonde hash, and the full melt brown hashish. Despite the misnomers that suggest otherwise, full melt brown hash is often stronger and more desirable than blonde varieties. It comes down to each and every batch because the THC content and terpene percentages can vary drastically. Nowadays you can get all sorts of cannabis concentrates made with chemical solvents like butane and ethanol, but I’d rather pay twice as much money for solventless cannabis concentrates like hash and hash rosin. Hash rosin is made from pressing hashish with heat and filtering out the oil from a micron bag. This gives you a cleaner hash extract in the end.


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