I became a budtender so I could help educate new patients who have questions to ask

There are a lot of jobs and careers that revolve around helping people with questions and issues they might have with the products your employer sells or manufactures. I used to work on the information line for a smart thermostat company and I had to help random people troubleshoot basic problems they were having with their devices. Smart thermostats are amazing tools that are extremely helpful when they’re working properly. If they’re not installed right, you could run into connectivity problems or weird glitches that you don’t expect. However, I always told my customers to be calm and patient because there is almost always a solution right around the corner if we can walk ourselves through the instructional manual carefully. More often than not my help and advice over the phone was sufficient in fixing their concerns, but there were always resources available in case they didn’t. Now I work in the medical cannabis industry as a budtender. Aside from handling basic cashier duties, it’s also my job to recommend various marijuana products to my customers based on their unique medical needs. I have heard too many unfortunate stories from customers who claimed that their experiences at other marijuana stores were filled with confusion and frustration. They ask other budtenders basic questions about the effects of strain over another, and they’re given completely blank stares in response. It’s important to know how a strain is going to affect you because sativa strains tend to be more stimulating while indica strains are usually, but not always, more sedating. I feel like I’m failing my patients if I don’t give them helpful advice on the cannabis products that we sell.



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