Biking to the local cannabis dispensary

I am really big into riding bikes.

Since the price of gas went up I decided to get rid of my car.

Everything I need is within biking distance anyway. I can bike to the grocery store and pick up a couple of things. I just toss them in my bike basket and I am good to go. Anything bigger I get delivered to me. I can bike to the bank, post office and the library. What is really great is there is a local cannabis dispensary that is right on my bike path. I drive along a paved bike path for around a mile and then turn off into the marijuand dispensary. I typically purchase edibles there since I don’t like to smoke. I also don’t want anything with THC content. I purchase local CBD products simply because they chill me out and help me sleep. They have cannabis beverages that contain a pretty decent CBD amount. I can get flavors like grape, cherry, strawberry and lime. I then pick up some CBD gummies, candies or mints. When I am really feeling healthy I browse the local hemp products for sale. What is great is that cannabis products are quite small. Even when I get CBD beverages I have more than enough room in my bike basket. The ride back home is always a pleasant one and is mostly under shade too. It is just too nice and easy getting to my marijuana dispensary. I can’t imagine now having something so natural and tasty helping me relax in the evening and then eventually fall asleep.



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